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Marina equipped with an year-round docking hangar.

The marina can fit up to 60 yachts of variable sizes and draught up to 3 m. Yachts moor by the wharf or the pier, equipped with electric and water terminals. The all-night boatswain service and access to weather forecast have both gained much praise among the visiting sailors. Yachts can pass the winter by the wharf or inside the hangar.

Camping Marina PTTK Szczecin

Camping Marina PTTK Szczecin

Year-round camping houses

Set in a picturesque environment, among various plants and flowers, the camping houses are an exciting offer for any tourist. Two-person houses with heated rooms are equipped with a bathroom and satellite TV. Camping Marina also offers 6-person apartment housing located on the bank of lake Dabie. Apart from a living room furnished with a fireplace, a kitchen space, a bathroom and a toilet, each house also has two bedrooms. Overall, Camping Marina offers year-round heated rooms able to house up to 82 people.

Caravan site - Tented field

On a wooded area, fitted with electric and water terminals, there is the caravan field able to fit up to 60 trailers. Young tourists are the most frequent guests on the tented field, which holds up to 60 tents. WI-FI internet access is available free of charge.

Camping Marina PTTK Szczecin

Camping Marina PTTK Szczecin

The restaurant-TAWERNA, the garden

The restaurant, along with the summer garden, is a huge asset of Camping Marina. Exquisite cuisine, courteous service and a cozy location are all part of the attractive all-day meal offer. Service is available both to individual guests and organized groups. Citizens of Szczecin and tourists alike are eager to organise holiday, carnival or family parties there. The participants are entitled to spend the night in the marina housing, during any time of the year.

Outside group-oriented recreational and sporting events

A separate well-lit area along with a large tent, full catering service, a campfire site and sporting and recreational equipment - are all ingredients for a perfect sporting/recreational event or integrative company meetings. Other possible activities include: mountain climbing, live band concerts and circus spectacles.

Camping Marina PTTK Szczecin

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